Why go Pro?

Add-URL-Free Pro is Complete
Look at all you get by subscribing to Add-URL-Free professional package.

  • Monthly site submissions to over 700,000 search engines, directories, classifieds, and FFA Pages!!
  • Daily ranking reports tracking your position on the 9 most important search engines!
  • Daily report highlighting the position of up to five competitive sites under up to 10 keywords!

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Add-URL-Free Pro is Quick
Submitting and tracking your site manually can consume over 60 hours per month! Even using computer programs these tasks can take over 40 minutes per day! However, with Add-URL-Free Pro you will lose none of your precious time because your site will automatically be submitted to
700,000 search engines, directories, classifieds, and FFA Pages each month! You will also receive a rank report every day highlighting your site’s spot on the Internet’s top 12 search engines.

Add-URL-Free Pro Submission Service Compared to Manual Submitting and Popular Submission Software

Manual Submitting

Popular Software


Total Submissions


250 (actual search engines)

Over 700,000 search engines, directories, classifieds, and FFA Pages!

Total Time Spent on Submitting Site per Month

11.66 Hours
(At 30 Seconds Per Submission)

1.25 Hours

Done Automatically

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Hours of Valuable Time

200 dollars

Only 5.00 per month!

Rank Reports Ranking Service Compared to Manual Rank Checking and Popular Rank Check Software

Manual Rank Checking

Popular Software

Rank Reports

Total Results Recorded




Total pages Searched




Total Time Spent on Compiling Search Results (per day)

Over 2 Hours
(At 15 seconds per page)

22 minutes

About 15 Seconds

Total time Spent On Compiling Daily Search Results (per month)

Over 60 Hours

Over 11 Hours

7 minutes and 30 Seconds

Track Competitors

30 Additional Hours Per Month Per Additional Site
(7 seconds per page)

Additional 11 Hours Per Month Per Competitor

Automatically Tracks 5 Competitors!


Hours of Valuable Time

Between 40 and 60 dollars

Free With a Subscription to Add-URL-Free Pro!

Add-URL-Free Pro Is Cost Effective

  • Less than half the price of other submitting and rank reporting services.
  • Less Than 10% of the cost of expensive maintenance plans from website promotion firms.

Unconditional Guarantee
Add-URL-Free offers a 100 percent, ironclad, no questions asked guarantee. If for any reason you decide that you don’t want to continue your Add-URL-Free Pro subscription we will refund the unused balance of your subscription

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